Come to Kew Gardens on 5th June 2019

At Kew Gardens on Wednesday June 5th we plan to meet first in the Orangery at 1600, with hot or cold drinks and light refreshments on arrival.

This will be a reunion plus opportunity for re-commitment for those of us who were there in 1994, including some now in their 20s who were brought as babies by their parents, and others who came to other anniversary events. There will be our song “The Promise” and some speeches and our regular ceremony of cutting up a Green Apple that represents the Earth. We plan to have video-links to other botanic gardens, with participants in the project from its outset, in Australia and elsewhere. Then we will walk to the site of the Eco-timecapsule, on the mound beside the HIVE, for readings of some of the letters and verses addressed to the Future that were written by children in 1994. Finally we will, since the existing one has faded, replace the above-ground plaque that explains the project to those who pass by with a near identical one that now can include the URL, this one, and its QR code. We will finish by about 1815 since Kew's gates close for the night at 1900.

If you wish to attend this free event, and also to have free entry to Kew Gardens all day on 5th June, please complete the form below. You will be sent a confirmation email. Please bring this email, either as a print-out or on your smartphone, and show it at the gate at Kew, preferably the Elizabeth Gate at Kew Green (which is nearest to the Orangery).

NB: Only those whose names you have earlier registered here, and are therefore on Kew's list at the Gate, will be given free entry.

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