World Environment Day 5th June 1994
Environmental Time Capsule Project

Items sealed into the capsule buried at Ness Botanical Gardens, Sunday 5th June 1994

1....... New Economics Foundation, London - economics that puts people first
2. A glimpse of Local Economy Trading Systems (LETS)
3. campaign by the Women's Environmental
Network, also an empty box of 100% recycled facial tissues not rebleached with chlorine
4. Friends of Storeton Woods in Wirral - another example of community in action
5. Three leaflets on population issues and Family Planning Services
6. Empty bleach bottle - example of the anti-chlorine
7. "The State of the North West Beaches & Dee Estuary" - newspaper article & leaflet from Deewatch
8. Extract from the book "Universal Kinship" and a leaflet quoting Jeremy Bentham on animals
9. Conservation points and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)
10. "All I ever needed to know I learned in kindergarten"
11. Personal poem from Michael Stroud of Wirral aged 10
Video Nasties - a newspaper article on this form of pollution
12. Personal letter from Jonathon Bufton of Wirral. aged 10
13. Pesticide container - the need to reduce or avoid use
Leaflet on Organic Gardening and food supplies catalogue
14. Wildlife poster - what will be left in 50 years time?
15. Leaflet from the National Society for Clean Air on Acid Rain
16. Calendar on Endangered Species published by Shared Earth
17. Directory on recycling and the need to reduce household waste
18. Composting garden and household waste
19. Newspaper "Mail on Sunday- article on Mad Cow Disease (BSE)
20. Journal of Compassion in World Farming - need to reduce dependency on animal products
21. Greenhouse Gases and damage tile ozone layer
22. Leaflet on refrigerators - choose carefully when buying. consider energy) efficiency etc
23. A milk bottle and disposables - will there be more or less to throw away in 2044?
24. Leaflet from the Wirral and Cheshire Badger Group - local people working together to protect wildlife from persecution
25. Wirral Green Belt Council - working to protect green spaces from unsuitable development
26. Letters from parents to their children - to be opened in 2044
27. List of items going into capsule
28. The Charter of Wirral Green Alliance
29. The Letter of Apology - with supporting signatures of the concerned general public
30. Global Deforestation, Tropical Rainforests and the Greenhouse Effect
31. The magazine "Environment Now" - more information about rainforests
32. Tribal Peoples - leaflet about threats to their survival
CFCs in canisters and refrigerators are potent
33. Leaflet on The Centre for Alternative Technology
34. Energy Efficient Electric Lightbulbs - a promotional leaflet
Poster showing other ways of saving energy
35. Cutting Fuel Bills the -'Green Way" - recent letter to the press
36. The Environmental Transport Association leaflet for the careful motorist
37. Our motorways and spaghetti junction
38. Picture of a child in traffic and asthma links
39. A pollution mask to deal with kerbside emissions
40. Bicycles and the big city - Who said they don't mix
41. Public Transport in Manchester and the Light Rail System
42. British Rail's Inter City brochure and timetable
43. National Society for Clean Air leaflet on the Greenhouse Effect
44. Newspapers Copy of Friday's Environmental Guardian and an example of a Sunday paper

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