To the finder of the capsule

This letter I have written to you is a letter of apology from me to you. It is Wednesday the 4th of May in the year 1994. In our year now, we have a lot of people, at least half of the world is made up of children, but nearly all the rest is made up of adults. Throughout the 1900's the population has grown more and more, the number of houses has grown more and more and the cars have become more and more, but. most of all the pollution and the sickness, the sadness and the dying has grown more and more.
There are people in many countries, like Africa and India w-ho cannot control the population of children and adults and are having to starve to feed their children or family.

We used to have many rainforests around the world, with beautiful, tropical birds and animals, but many rainforests have been destroyed now, the trees have been cut down, the animals are dying, the earth is being dug up where the trees were cut down and buildings have been built in their place.

Also all the tankers in the sea trying to suck up oil and send the oil to the land by ships, but the ships leak, or crash, and all the oil swims into the sea killing many beautiful and rare fish and whales.

Plenty of fishermen go out to sea looking for one kind of sea creature, like shrimps, but they go out with massive unnecessary nets and catch all kinds of fish like salmon, tuna, herring and many more. They all go onto the ship, the shrimps get picked out, but by the time this is done the other fish are dead and get thrown back into the water and float down to the bottom of the sea.

The ozone laver has many holes in it, all over the world made from pollution and rubbish. People have been getting more into cleaning up. which is good because grown ups say, children are the adults for the future, so we need to know the good and bad.

In the 1900s we have had 2 world wars and many other smaller wars which are killing innocent people over greed and stupidity. People are starving and frightened, the world was and still is quite a bad place.

Nowadays crime, like stealing and murdering is not unusual. People, especially old people are afraid to go out on their own late at night because of strange, rough, bad people who wander around waiting to cause trouble.

The last thing out of hundreds, I am going to tell you about, is the testing on animals. The doctors and scientists who work on animals say "they are only a small part of the human race." But I say every little bit counts, the small amount of animals tested on counts up to large amounts of animals being tested on.

If the world and time you live in is bad, then what can I say? But sorry, but if it's much better then thanks for making it that way.

Yours sincerely

Suki Parsons (11), St Mellons, Cardiff