Too Many People

Too many people, not enough trees,
Too much filth tipped into the seas.
We harpooned the whales, killed the fish in the seas,
How can you forgive us for crimes like these?
We cut down the rainforests, burned lots of trees,
We've left you big deserts - forgive us, please.
We're clearing up the waters, replanting the trees,
We've tried to clean up the earth and the seas.
We took the earth's treasures, lots more than we need.
We were careless and foolish and did it by greed.
We saw our mistakes, saw what we'd done;
Tried to repair it, but we've only begun.
We beg you'll forgive us; we hope you will see
A world that's recovered, that's healthy and free.

Lucinda Maloney (9), Beaconsfield