"We need a way
Of saving energy every day.
Alternative ways of making energy must be found,
To keep our precious Earth safe and sound."

Gareth John (11), Gerrards Cross

Please Save The Earth

The year is 1994.
In the news every week the headlines are bleak.
Many hungry children, and angry adults
Quarrelling over religion of all different cults.

Diana Lynda Carthy (10), Stockport


A Pledge

Animals that roam the land,
The camel through the sterile sand,
T'he birds and bees, bushes and trees,
Will all have gone, unless we work upon
A pledge to change both heart and state,
Before we realise... it's too late.

Natalie Moore (12), Beaconsfield

Gareth John, Diana Lynda Carthy, Sarah Wilson, Natalie Moore