Children's Input 1994

No-one could be more important to this project than today's children, as they will be the ones who will see the time capsule opened in 2044.

This part of the site is dedicated to their great efforts in making this project a reality.

In 1994 environmental time capsules were buried in various locations around the world to be opened in 50 years. The Environmental Time Capsule Project ran a national competition asking school children some thought provoking questions about the future of our planet:

What would you put in a time capsule to remind you of the good and bad things we are doing to our environment?

What would you say to the eco-person of 2044?

What should we be doing over the next 50 years to ensure our environment is protected?

The book used in the construction of this part of the site is a celebration of the project, and is just a small selection of the hundreds of entries - pictures, poems and letters - received, including the winning entries which have been buried in London's Kew Gardens and Ness Gardens, South Wirral.