Below are relevant videos and PowerPoint presentations which you may be interested in viewing.

1. How not to trash our loan to the future

2. Sir David Attenborough on Overpopulation

3. Population Dots

This video vividly shows how human numbers have increased from about 170 million in AD 1 to 7,000 million in AD 2011 (and continuing).

4. The Impossible Hamster

This one, paired with the first one above, shows how, as humans multiply, our impact on the future of the planet for our grandchildren is hugely increased by our environmental footprints: which in turn are increased by economic growth, using up resources including those for energy and creating pollution - including by CO2 and other greenhouse gases with the serious risks brought by climate change.

5. Melinda Gates (of the Gates Foundation)


These 2 videos explain how even as a practising Catholic, believing in the moral teachings of her Church, she also, as she says, believes in not letting women die as they do in poor resource settings through the risks of pregnancy and labour. Surveys suggest that up to 40 percent of maternal mortality could be eliminated by enabling women to have fully accessible family planning, removing the many tangible and intangible barriers to its use, and with absolutely no coercion. You cannot die of a pregnancy you do not have!
It's bad enough to die if you wanted a baby, but even more tragic if you lose your life from a pregnancy you did not want in the first place.

Melinda shows how voluntary family planning is a win-win thing: saving the lives of women (and of infants in fact), as well as being crucial for long term environmental sustainability. This was well summarised in 1992, just two years before the time capsules were buried, by James Grant of UNICEF:
"Family planning could bring more benefits to more people at less cost than any other single 'technology' now available to the human race."

6. John Guillebaud's TED Lecture

7. Some PowerPoint presentations you may find useful

(a) 28 slides that say it all, or most of it (2018). See here.
Click on each slide in the presentation to navigate.
(NB: clicking on the ◀ ▶ arrows skips over the transitions).

(b) Sex and the Planet - PowerPoint presentation including 3 fab video clips! See below: